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Non-profit-making art organisation founded and run by artists in Hong Kong dedicated to supporting artists in their creative endeavours and furthering local art development.  We strive to promote sustainability art and sustainable development of our society through providing sustainability art programmes, education and research.  


Artists Co-op

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ARTISTS CO-OP is a non-profit art organisation founded in 2014 by some artists in Fotan, with a view to supporting artists in continuous pursuit of art creation and unleashing their creative potentials fully. With the enduring support of the art community and various funders and authorities, Artists Co-op has set up the Sustainability Art Hub at Sha Lek Corner to provide a platform for developing and promoting sustainability art and sustainable art practices.


Believing that practice, experiment and candid exchanges are the keys to elevating artistic creation, ARTISTS CO-OP has since her onset been developing a series of programmes to support artists to overcome obstacles so as to continue with their art practice, to encourage artists to stretch beyond their comfort zones, and to provide a space for artists to meet up regularly to discuss about their artworks, ideas and practices.  

Since inauguration, we have organised over 60 events/programmes for artists as well as the community, corporation, educators, NGOs, public bodies, schools and other art organisations.  These programmes range from artists’ talks, wild art camps, experimental art camps, placemaking projects, upcycled art workshops, to “Fotan Night Out” and other local and overseas art and culture tours, with over 7 200 participants in total recorded. 

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