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Exhibitions and Events

To encourage sustainable arts development in Hong Kong, Artists Co-op has held various activities including upcycling workshops and wild art camp to benefit the surrounding community.

Sha Lek Corner Unveiled
March 2020

On 8th March, we held our first activity “Sha Lek Corner Unveiled” to promote sustainability art to the public at Sha Lek Corner. During the event, we have introduced our visitors to different on-site facilities e.g. technical workshop, exhibition space that we are able to provide for artists and the community in the coming future. The activity was well received and fully booked within three days.  

Project C and
Fotan Open Studios  
January 2020

Project C, a ten-month art education programme, allows applicants to opt for their preferred Fotan artists as teachers. After finishing all classes, participants could show their works in Fotan Open Studios. Artists Co-op also took part in the project as we wish to offer a valuable opportunity for art lovers to create and exhibit their artworks.

Project C.jpeg
“Join FoTan”
December 2018

In 2018, supported and funded by Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), Artists Co-op has taken forward a place-making initiative called “Join Fotan” in collaboration with HKDC’s annual international event, Business of Design Week (BODW).  Over 40 artists and art organisations have taken part. With the network of our supportive community, we hope to tackle issues in our district and shoulder the mission of promoting community development, in collaboration with different organisations, unleashing Fo Tan’s immense creative potential.

Experiental Art Camp 3.JPG
January 2017
Art Wild Camp
December 2018

In April 2017, Artists Co-op has held an overnight camp for participants to immerse into nature. Activities include:

1. Art-in-the-wild workshop

2. Sharing by the campfire

3. Capturing the stars and sunrise


“Unspeakable” is the second phase of the “Seals for Souls” project presented in 2015. Back then when we were making seals for the unborn souls, we had a discussion on the high abortion rate in Hong Kong. We realise that Hong Kong society is conservative about the discussion of sex and sex education for young people is inadequate. Young women may not know how to protect themselves from pregnancy in relationships, and may resort to abortion if they could not afford raising the child or facing their parents. 

While we support female autonomy, true autonomy should come from acknowledging self protection rather than making difficult decisions after the event. We welcome participants to reveal and evaluate the customs that are not broadly spoken in society.

Dongguan artist exhibition and sharing  
March 2017

After participating in Studio Hatching, an artist-in-residence programme that took place in Dongguan, China, four Hong Kong artists have showcased their artworks (including installation, drawing, sculpture and video work) at Artists Co-op during Fotan Open Studio.

Christmas Wild Camp  
December 2016

Artists Co-op Wild Art Camp was held on Dec 26th and 27th, which our participants learnt about the ecology of Ngong Ping and assimilated the experience to generate creativity.  During the camp, everyone was able to find inspirations and motivations from nature, as they created sculpture, installation and performance art that resembled and responded to the environment.

Bellini Yu: Sharing and evaluation about a social participatory artist-in-residence project
November 2016

“The Flavours of Qijin” is a social participatory art project by the Graduate Institute of Transdisciplinary Art, National Kaohsiung Normal University. Artist Bellini Yu will share her afterthoughts on her participation, including questions of artist residency and artistic values. Taking place at Qijin District in Kaohsiung City, the project surrounds topics of feasting, such that Qijin’s food culture and beauty could be discovered.

Bellini earned a degree in BA(Hons) Sociology at Lingnan University in 2007 and began to promote art inclusivity after graduation.  After undertaking a BA Fine Art Degree held by RMIT University and Hong Kong Arts School , she began to create artworks with inspirations on social minorities. She also held a solo exhibition and was the artist-in-residence of the Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University in 2013 and 2014. She is now seeking new ways of creation that can reveal more possibilities of social engagement through artistic expressions.


This event was sponsored by HKADC.

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