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環保基金 ECF
Sustainable Fashion Design Awards 
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2022 年 11 月起      接受網上報名




2023 年 2 月 28 日  截止報名


2023 年 3 月中        公佈入圍作品名單

2023 年 3 月底        入圍作品展示及遞交實物

2023 年4月中          可持續服飾展演及頒獎禮



  1. 日常穿戴

  2. 海洋

  3. 節日

  4. 民族

  5. 創意


可持續以不對現有生活環境加以更多負面影響為目標。 除了物料資源上的環保,也需考慮到對人的影響。例如在選擇物料時,需考慮物料在穿戴時對人的健康的影響。




  • 家庭組​

  • 小學組   ​

  • 中學組   ​

  • 公開組​



  • 環保服飾設計概念

  • 創意及原創性 ​

  • 環保物料應用​

  • 美學及工藝​

  • 可穿戴性



  • 最受歡迎服飾獎​

  • 最具創意服飾獎​

  • 最可持續服飾獎


  • 最積極參與獎​

  • 最高成就獎​




9333 3450 (Whatsapp)

Wanna have new and trendy clothes, but your closet is full?  Why don’t you turn your old clothes into new fashion?  You can also show your talent in the ECF Sustainable Fashion Design Awards and lead the trend!

From Nov 2022     Call for entries & online application

Apply Now:


The application form includes basic information of the participants, introduction and photos of their works. Multiple files can be submitted. In addition to photos showing the overall and particular details of the work, conceptual/detailed illustrations and comparison of the original appearance of the recycled materials with the work can also be included (optional), so that the judges can better understand how you can upcycle "waste"!

28 Feb 2023         Submission deadline

                            (Submit introduction & photos of works via online form)

Mid-Mar 2023       Announcement of shortlisted participants

Late-Mar 2023       Presentation & submission of actual works selected

Mid-Apr 2023        Showcase & award presentation at the Hong Kong

                             Fashion Week at HK Convention and Exhibition Centre

Objectives, Theme & Requirements

Use upcycled/sustainable materials/methods to create your clothes/accessories and select ONE theme:

  1. Daily wear

  2. Marine

  3. Festive

  4. Ethnic

  5. Creative

Upcycled materials include old clothes, cloth, toys, accessories, buttons, ribbons, ropes, towels, socks, handicraft materials and other discarded/ recycled materials. We encourage participants to be creative and use materials that are not used in the home.

Sustainability aims at not adding more negative impacts to the existing environment. In addition to the use of environmental-friendly materials, the impact on people also needs to be considered. For example, it is necessary to consider the impact of the materials on people's health when they are worn.

Elaboration on the consideration of environmental protection and sustainable development in the design/creation can be included in the submission.

Remark: If applicants would like to submit multiple pieces or sets of works of different themes, they should submit ONE application for EACH piece/set of works of each theme.  In other words, an applicant may submit more than one application. Nevertheless, each applicant would be given one award at most for his/her best work.

Join as individual or form a team:

  1. Family

  2. Primary students  

  3. Secondary students    

  4. Public


Judging criteria

  1. Sustainability design idea 

  2. Creativity and originality 

  3. Sustainable material application

  4. Aesthetic and workmanship

  5. Wearability


Individual awards for each of the category:

  • Most Popular Award

  • Most Creative Award

  • Most Sustainable Award

Schools or organizations can compete for the Group awards:

  • Most Enthusiastic Award

  • Highest Achievement Award

Full details, terms and conditions


9333 3450 (Whatsapp)

可持續服飾參考圖片 Reference Photos of Sustainable Fashion

The following photos have been sourced online to give applicants a rough idea that we are open to a wide range of works.
We encourage participants to develop their own unique creation, style and design, and not to copy from other people's works.


 "Fashion at No Cost" Workshop

No idea how to get started?

The programme includes also workshops to equip participants with new skills and inspirations. Participants can develop his/her own fashion piece/series from what they have achieved and join the Sustainable Fashion Design Awards!


Workshops are FREE-of-charge but with limited quota!


We welcome tertiary/secondary/primary students, teenagers, families, adults, senior citizens and anyone who are interested!

Apply now:




計劃另設零價時裝創作工作坊,參加者可以學習新技巧及吸取靈感,再以工作坊成果為基礎,創作成符合要求及主題的作品參賽。費用全免! 工作坊名額有限,報名從速!




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