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Our artist instructors develop a series of workshops using upcycling materials including paper, glass, cable wire, and wood, etc. We incorporate therapeutic art elements into our workshop design to promote physical and mental health of our participants.

Workshops for schools
We have conducted sustainability art talks and workshops for students and educators from different schools, including participants of “Inno Power@JC: Fellowship for teachers”, the workshops were well received and many of them discovered art making could be educational and fun!
Conservation & Reduce-family paper-making workshops
Initiated by a developer, in April 2019 artists of Artists Co-op and students from the Education University of Hong Kong have conducted a series of Conservation & Reduce- family paper-making workshops for the Tseung Kwan O community.
Paper & glass upcycling art workshops
December 2018
In December 2018, we have organised a series of paper and glass upcycling art workshops in collaboration with Sha Tin Festival, Shatin District Council and Sha Tin District Office. The workshops allowed participants of different ages to express their creativity through their unique creation.
Upcycling paper workshops
This workshop provides instructions for participants to recycle used paper and tea leaves to make upcycling paper artworks. Participants who join the workshop could take away 3 pieces of artworks by the end of the day.
Tutor: 蔡舒朗小姐 (Upcycling paper artist)

Tea and paper making workshops
Artists Co-op's has run a special programmes on tea and paper making during the Fotan Art Studios Open Day. These include:
1. Recycling paper with tea workshop- Reviving "expire tea" and used paper, giving them a new purpose
2.  Japanese Tea Ceremony experience - Experiencing a tea ceremony in a small Japanese Tea House
we  set up
3. "The Art of Tea" Talk - Sharing by Dr Arthur Chan on the different possibilities between tea and art
Experimental Art Day Camp 
October 2016
The Experimental Art Day Camp has been designed to stimulate participants’ artistic creativity by experimenting with Artists Co-op’s specially prepared theme/materials. We have designed a theme on “Hog Casing” for our participants this month, and are anticipating them to bring us surprises with the use of this very humble and non-obvious material… Paper and colour will also be provided.

Experimental Art Day Camp - Toner and Phosphor
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