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May 2017


Fo Tan

Sharing by Eric Niebuhr

Time & Location

May 2017

Fo Tan, Fo Tan, Hong Kong

About the Event

For our artist sharing in May, we are glad to have had American-Australian artist Eric Niebuhr to share with us his creative path and work.

Eric was born in Texas and has been based in Hong Kong since 2012. He had his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2015 and has shown internationally, including the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and the Jewish Museum in San Francisco, as well as receiving reviews in numerous publications including Artforum magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and The South China Morning Post.

Based on studies of photo-based and digital sources, he uses acrylic with a combination of mediums to create puddled areas of paint, amorphous passages, and flat shapes. He is primarily interested in the abstract formal qualities that the source offers, but he hopes that a psychic impression from the original source remains. Hong Kong first city that he has lived in where he is directly using sources from his immediate environment for inspiration in his work. Recent paintings reference trolley push carts used for transporting goods and rubbish on the streets of Hong Kong. The improvised use of materials to bundle objects on the carts become the composition source for color, line, and shapes in the painting.

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