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May 2018


Fo Tan

Sharing by Kirsteen Pieterse

Time & Location

May 2018

Fo Tan, Fo Tan, Hong Kong

About the Event

In May we have invited Kirsteen Pieterse, a renowned artist to discuss the impact of location on the development of her work, how exposure to 'local' artworks has changed or impacted her practice.

Kirsteen's work fuses her interest in the subject of landscape, in Western and Chinese painting, with contemporary large-scale engineering construction and infrastructure. It attempts to call to mind the massive engineering projects which impose on the contemporary landscape.

"The Scottish sculptor Kirsteen Pieterse, who is an artist in the Romantic tradition, draws upon the precarious relationship between man and built environments in her work....she draws attention to the regard we hold for our environment and how easily we might forget the power of nature. Modern architecture and engineering represent, in many ways, the epitome of humankind's 'taming' of the natural world, however, as Pieterse infers in her sculptures, the ramifications of such endeavours should not be neglected."  - Kate Bryan - Deconstructing Landscape, World Sculpture News, Volume 15 No 4, p. 42 – 45, 2009

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