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Jan 2017




Time & Location

Jan 2017

火炭, 香港火炭

About the Event

“Unspeakable” is the second phase of the “Seals for Souls” project presented in 2015. Back then when we were making seals for the unborn souls, we also discussed the extraordinary high abortion rate in Hong Kong. We realise that Hong Kong society is very conservative in discussing about “sex” and the sex education for our young people is very inadequate. Girls do not know how to protect themselves. Once pregnant, taking abortion secretly becomes the norm. Otherwise, they would be teased and criticized by relatives and friends for the rest of their lives.

However, we believe that fetuses are lives. Abortion is killing a person. The physical and psychological impact of abortion on women is life-long. We support women’s self-autonomy. But we consider real self-autonomy should start with knowing how to protect herself, and not being forced to make the painful decision of to kill or not to kill! And these problems arise from things that are unspeakable.

This participatory art project welcomes all to take part in exploring what is unspeakable in Hong Kong.

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