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Sustainability Art Hub

In recent decades, there are more and more artists who respond to ecological threats of the Earth for their creative process. Since 2018, artists at Artists Co-op has also started to experiment with developing sustainability workshops and artworks.

As we believe artists are vital forces to spread awareness on sustainability among the society, Artists Co-op has set up a Sustainability Art Hub on the site of Sha Lek Corner to fulfil the demand for a platform that could promote sustainability art in Hong Kong.
Our services include:
Collecting reusable materials for artists’ use
Collecting reusable materials for artists’ use
Providing technical support
Providing venue and facilities
Conducting research with artists
Organizing sustainability art related programmes
We will enable artists to concentrate their efforts on creating sustainability art, such that their good quality creations and valuable making experiences can be passed on to other artists or participants locally, and globally.
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