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Zero-carbon Paper Making Process

Artists Co-op was sponsored by the Hong Kong Design Centre to invent and develop a “pedal-driven multifunctional pulp-making machine”.

By combining art and technology, the invention is created to promote sustainable art making especially with upcycling paper. As the machine ensures both zero carbon emission in the process and also generates electricity, the invention is able to push forward the progress of environmental protection and sustainable development as well. Our past workshop participants were thrilled to try out the workshop, as art creation becomes an even more engaging and open process. 

In comparison with other similar existing inventions in the local or overseas market, our pedal-driven pulp-making machine stands out as a detachable application that can be added onto any kinds of bicycles without the need to disassemble or modify. In addition to pulp-making and cycling, the machine can also be used for food grinding e.g. meat, garlic, onion and beans, as well as power charging. While most other similar devices could only serve one purpose as it converts the bicycle to another use, our device in contrast could enhance the value of outdoor bicycles by making full use of its possibilities. Moreover, the machine was built mostly with ready-made or “waste” materials, and components created with 3D design and printing. 

Through research, design and creation led by the collaborative input of artists and engineers, this multifunctional pulp-making machine is able to demonstrate the benefits of adapting creative exploration, technology and scientific precision, as we continue to seek better solutions to develop sustainable art making. In other words, this is a model STEAM project.     

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